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All Instructors are USCCA Certified Instructors
What Makes Us Different

Our training is concept and principle based, focusing on the "Why" of what we do and why we do it.  Incorporating what the body does naturally into your training.

We focus on developing applicable skills, not isolated range performance.  This is not unique but often varies from many traditional approaches in firearms training.  The classes are taught based on individual students’ needs and abilities, we do not follow an outline or schedule built to the lowest common denominator.
If you are being taught something different from other courses our instructor’s will take the time to explain the "why" of what you are being taught.  The instructors job is to ensure you are comfortable with the skills and techniques you are being taught.
Training Classes
We also offer the following for our training classes :

  • Next Generations - Basic Handgun (ages 10+)  Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (ages 14+)
    • This class is designed for a parent to participate with their child or children.  The fun relaxed environment will teach you new skills that translates into mutual respect with your children relating to firearms handling and safety.
    • We pair you with your child or children in a coach student relationship.  This gives your child an opportunity to coach you the parent, ensuring you are following the gun safety rules, critiquing your stance, grip, techniques, and shooting, giving them the confidence they need to be a better student.  

  • NEA (No Ego's Allowed) - Ladies only class
    • If you are new to shooting or had a bad experaince with someone teaching you "how to shoot" this is the class for you.
    • Have you gone to the range with a boyfriend, spouse, or partner and left frustrated feeling like it was a total waste of time.  This is very common, many people assume you have the same shooting style or knowledge they have.
    • There is nothing more exciting than having fun while learning a new skill that can translate into accurate shots downrange.  How fun will it be the next time you go to the range and outshoot your boyfriend, spouse, or partner.

  • Couples Therapy - Spend time with your significate other
    • Spend a day bonding with what could be your "better half" at the range.
    • If you are thinking about taking a home defense and CCW class, consider taking it with your life partner.  Be prepared together.

  • OBG - (Oldies But Goodies) - Basic Handgun, Concealed Carry and Home Defense courses
    • If you remember telephone party lines, sock hops, and 56 Chevy's linedup at drive-in theaters, we have a class for you.
    • The world today is different than the one you grew up with, not better, not worse, but different.
    • Many of you grew up shooting as a way of life.  Guns have evolved to be less complicated and faster to use, unlike our bodies which have become more complicated and slower when used.  We help you adapt to your limitations with what your body can do ensuring you do not become an easy target for a bad guy.
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