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Basic Handgun
Are you new to shooting and need help learning proper shooting techniques?  Would you like to learn the basics before taking an advanced class?  This is the course for you.
Class Description
Our 4 hour class is designed for a new handgun shooter.  The course covers safe gun handling and basic shooting skills. ​
Prerequisite to take the class : None
You Will Learn The Following Skills:
·         Basic Firearm Safety
·         Gun Storage
·         Gun Transportation
·         Parts of the Pistol
·         Parts of  Ammunition
·         Firing Process
·         Pistol Operation
·         Malfunctions
·         Basic Shooting Fundamentals
·         Aiming
·         Grip
·         Stance
·         Breath Control
·         Trigger  Control
·         Follow-Through
·         Range Safety and Etiquette
·         Range Commands
·         How to Select a hand gun
·         Maintenance & Cleaning
·         How to Practice at Home and at the Range
Cost $75.00  ( 4 hours )
Course Fee Includes: Range fees, targets; Certificate of Course Completion.
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