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907 Firearms LLC is licensed in the state of Alaska by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
  • Firearm Purchases
    • Need help purchasing a new firearms
    • Can't find what you are looking for at a local shop
    • Price shopping, local vs online
  • Firearm Transfers or Consignments
    • Are you selling a firearm and want to ensure the buyer has a legal right to purchase it
    • Do you want to sell a firearm but not the hassle, we do consignment sales
    • Did you buy a firearms out of state and need it shipped to a local FFL
  • Shipping Across State Lines
    • Are you moving out of state but cannot take your firearms through Canada
    • Do you need to ship firearms from a relatives estate to yourself
  • Q&A Know the rules
    • Do you have questions about buying, selling, or shipping.  We can provide resources and documents to answer your questions
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