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Video Scenario Training (VST)
Class Description

Have you ever wondered; could I actually pull my firearm on someone, should I, and when is the right time.  Our VST puts you in situations where you have to make decisions based on the information being presented to you in real time.  Using a laser pistol, you give commands, decide if force is needed, and when is it needed.  After the scenario we review your actions and what you could have done differently given the same situation.
The VST is designed to give you the confidence in your decision making process should you be presented with a life threating or defensive situation.  The course covers conflict avoidance, situational awareness, decision making skills, response in a defensive situation, and possible legal actions based on your decisions.
The course is not a high-tech game where you and your friends get together to "shoot the bad guy".  The instructor will have final say on stopping the class if they feel the students are misusing the training.  Gun safety rules and proper firearms handling techniques apply when participating with the VST.​

Prerequisite to take the class : None

You Will Learn The Following Skills:
    • Aiming
    • Grip
    • Stance
    • Use-of-force
    • Situational awareness
    • After actions
    • Next steps
    • How would police or the courts view your actions

        Cost $75.00 per hour, 6 - 8 people recomended in a class.
        Course Fee Includes: classroom fees, VST;
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