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Women's Handgun and Self-Defense
Class Description
This is an 6-8 hour class, about 3 hour’s classroom, about 3 hour’s range time.  Class time is determined by classroom questions and students experience level on the range.
Do you know your options for protection; Non-Lethal vs Lethal?  As a woman do you feel vulnerable, would you like to learn what personal defense is?  Have you been afraid or felt embarrassed to ask? This is a women’s only course.  If you have never handled a firearm, would like further instructions, or need help with your own firearm, this course is for you.

The classroom portion teaches personal safety, options for protecting yourself you may not know you have.  The afternoon focuses on firearms safety, proper handling techniques, how firearms work and the fundamentals of shooting in a no pressure environment.  

This one-day course is designed for women.  The course covers personal safety, gun handling and defensive shooting skills.

The range portion gives students the opportunity to apply skills learned and shoot live ammunition.  ​

Prerequisite to take the class : None

You Will Learn The Following Skills:
·         Basic Firearm  Safety
·         Gun Storage
·         Gun Transportation
·         Parts of the Pistol
·         Parts of  Ammunition
·         Firing Process
·         Pistol Operation
·         Malfunctions
·         Basic Pistol  Shooting Fundamentals
·         Aiming
·         Grip
·         Stance
·         Breath Control
·         Trigger  Control
·         Follow-Through
·         Range Safety and Etiquette
·         Range Commands
·         How  to Select a Pistol
·         Pistol Maintenance
·         How to Practice at Home and at  the Range
Cost $125.00  ( 6-8 hours )
Course Fee Includes: Range fees, targets; Certificate of Course Completion.
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