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Alaska Constitutional Carry Class (Level 0)
Constitutional Carry is a course for anyone who owns and carries a firearm for self-defense.
Class Description
You will learn about Alaska’s Constitutional Carry Law along with your legal obligation when you do carry a firearm.
The course is a guide to understanding conflict avoidance and situational awareness with the legal aspects of using force, including deadly force and knowing what to do in the aftermath.
Prerequisite to take the class : None
You Will Learn The Following:
 ·         How Common is Violent Crime in the US
 ·         Why is Conflict Avoidance So Important
 ·         Situational Awareness
 ·         The Color Codes of Awareness
 ·         Alaska State laws concerning use of a firearm in self-defense
 ·         Action Versus Reaction
 ·         Observing Our Environment
Cost $25.00  ( 3 hours )  
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