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Introduction to Handguns (Simulator - Level 0)
Are you interested in learning about handguns but you have never shot a gun?  A little intimidated by the thought but would like to know what it’s all about?  We have the perfect solution for you.
Do you have youth that would like to learn but might not be at the age where shooting a real gun is an option?  We focus on safety while learning how to properly handle a firearm without the danger of live fire.
Class Description
This 3 hour class is designed to introduce you to handguns without the noise and fear of shooting a real gun.  The course covers safe gun handling and basic shooting skills all done in the comfort of a classroom sitting using a simulator with laser handguns.​
Prerequisite to take the class : None
You Will Learn The Following Skills:
 ·         Basic Firearm Safety
 ·         Parts of a handgun
 ·         Parts of  Ammunition
 ·         Firing Process
 ·         Handgun Operation
 ·         Malfunctions
 ·         Basic Shooting Fundamentals
 ·         Aiming
 ·         Grip
 ·         Stance
 ·         Trigger  Control
 ·         Follow-Through
 ·         Range Safety and Etiquette
 ·         Range Commands
 ·         How to Select a hand gun
Cost $25.00  ( 3 hours )  
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