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Personal, and Home Safety (Level 0)

Class Description
These are 3 hour classroom presentations focusing on your Personal, and Home Safety.  Class covers many areas of our daily lives, Home, Shopping, School, Children, Travel, Personal Property, and Outdoor Safety while enjoying our great State with or without a firearm.  
We teach you the importance of Proactive Responses vs Reactive Responses.  Getting ahead of a bad situation where you can better control the outcome.

Explore your options; what is Non-Lethal vs Lethal?  Do you feel vulnerable and would you like to learn more about your personal safety?  

We teach options for protection you may not know about. What are the legal aspects of using force for protecting yourself and family?  Do you know your rights when protecting yourself vs protecting your property?
If you own a firearm; learn about safe gun storage vs accessibility in your home.  

Prerequisite to take the class : None

Class Outline:
 ·         How Common is Violent Crime in the US and your area of town
 ·         Why is Conflict Avoidance So Important
 ·         Situational Awareness
 ·         The Color Codes of Awareness
 ·         Planning for Home Security
 ·         Travel Safety, Vacations, in the US and Abroad
 ·         Being Safe in Today’s Changing Environment
 ·         Alaska State laws concerning use of force   
 ·         Action Versus Reaction
 ·         Gun & Ammo Storage, Securing a firearm at home and while in public
Cost $25.00   ( 3 hours )
Your family’s safety is our priority.
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