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Beginner Handgun (Level 2)
Are you new to shooting or have a new to you handgun and need help learning proper shooting techniques?  Would you like to learn the basics before taking a more advanced class, or you want to feel comfortable going to the range by yourself?

Class Description
Our 4 hour class is designed for a new handgun shooter. No pressure environment, we learn how to properly aim and hit our target.  The course covers safe gun handling and basic shooting skills. ​
Prerequisite to take the class : None
You Will Learn The Following Skills:
 ·         Firearm Safety
 ·         Gun Storage and transportation
 ·         Parts of the Pistol
 ·         The right ammunition
 ·         Firing Process
 ·         Malfunctions
 ·         Basic Shooting Fundamentals
 ·         Aiming
 ·         Grip
 ·         Stance
 ·         Breath Control
 ·         Trigger Control
 ·         Follow-Through
 ·         Range Safety and Etiquette
 ·         Range Commands
 ·         Maintenance & Cleaning
 ·         How to Practice at Home and at the Range
Cost $75.00  ( 4 hours )
Course Fee Includes: Range fees, targets;
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