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Speed and Accuracy Skill Builder (Level 4)
Learn to improve your speed and accuracy from a holster in our level 4 class. If you have made the decision to carry you will need to know how to come out of your holster with speed and be accurate on your target.  

Class Description
Speed and Accuracy Skill Builder class.  The course teaches you how to present from a holster or concealment with speed, accuracy and confidence ensuring your on target every time.  

Prerequisite to take the class : Level 2, 3 or other instructor led training

You Will Learn and Improve The Following Skills:
 ·         Presentation from a holster
 ·         Grip
 ·         Aiming
 ·         Stance
 ·         Malfunctions
 ·         Trigger Control
 ·         Follow-Through
 ·         After action drills
 ·         How to Practice at Home and at the Range
Cost $75.00  ( 4 hours )
Course Fee Includes: Range fees, targets.
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